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X Sector


Back in the early 1980's X-Sector was born. It started on its road as the Springfield Centre, with a few attractions installed in 1980, which were mainly the Pirate Ship, and Cine 2000. There was also the Springfield Restaurant that offered American style fast-food, which is now occupied by the Oblivion shop, and X-cite arcade.

On the site of the Black Hole, once stood a collection of model dinosaurs, which were moved to the Log Flume once Black Hole construction was underway. With the Black Hole came a name change to Fantasy World. No major developments occurred until 1997 when all the attractions below Black Hole were removed, or re-located.

The following year, in 1998, X-Sector was born, and brought with it a child of the 21st century. Oblivion, the worlds first vertical drop rollercoaster.

In 2001, Energizer was relocated, and in its place is a new ride. Submission.

Panoramic View
Food Outlets Pizza Hut Restaurant - Pizza, Fries, Drinks
KFC Restaurant - Fried Chicken, Fries, Drinks
Coca-Cola ReHydrator - Drinks
Mars Energy Booster - Ice Cream, Drinks
Tuck Shop - Drinks, Ice Cream
Shopping X-Cite Shop - Oblivion merchandise
Entertainment X-Cite Arcade - pay-2-play arcade games
Toilets Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities near X-Sector entrance
Public Telephones Yes
X Sector
X Sector
X Sector
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