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Retired Rides : Splash Kats

The Splash Kats were a popular attraction in the eighties.

The boats seated two people, each with a set of pedals, and a steering mechanism in the centre. As you pedaled, so the boat went forward or backward.

The Kats were originally found on the small lake, where the Swan Boats are now located. When the Swans were installed, the Splash Kats were re-loacted to the lake, in a small roped off section, to keep them away from the rowing boats.

The Splash Kats fortunes went the same way as the rowing boats and were removed in 1996.

*Picture supplied by Brian Jones - taken from an old Alton Towers leaflet

The Splash Kats, where the Swan Boats are now located*

Installed: ???? - 1996
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: Ingestre Centre
Where Now: Unknown

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