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Thunder Looper : Readers Ride Reviews
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Submitted By: greg spalding
7th April 2001

I was SOOO gutted when I saw the park map without Thunders green track lurking near Nemesis. I know they have planning regulations, but losing Thunder Looper was the worst thing ever to happen to Alton Tower. Other departed rides are not so missed cos there are simalar ones elsewhere, but Schwartzkopf shuttle loopers are a dying breed, and TL was one of the best. Its was big, green and gnarly, and looked every day its 19 years. Loud hydros and brake runs, coupled with that AMAZING launch made TL a coaster loved, and sadly missed by many. I have ridden other LIM launched coasters since, but they just dont have the same launch feel as being dragged out of the station by a huge concrete wieght in the far end tower. AT should have just put some taller trees in the area to hide the incline tracks, but its gone now and we cant do much about that. A real pity. I love Thunder Looper! :c)

Submitted By: Richard
24th March 2001

It was my favourite ride and remains my favourite in memory. I can't imagine any ride they introduce will beat its elegance, height and scariness. I got very angry when they took this beautiful rollercoaster away (still annoyed now), all they had to do was get it re-conditioned. The current trend seems to see twisting, heavy g-force rides as the best and most thrilling; Well I'm afraid they can't begin to compete with the mighty big Thunder Looper and seem rather small and boring compared. For me it's what made Alton Towers and it's been hard accepting the park without it (whilst in mourning).

Submitted By: geraldene duggan
18th March 2001

i loved this sadly missed ride as well! i loved sitting at the back of the train so when it went up to the top you felt your stomach leave you! wasnt the same at the front!

Submitted By: Stuart Siddall
11th March 2001

The best ride to grace the holy groung of Alton Towers?

I remember just being in the queue was terifying. Quite often, if it was raining, the carriage would shoot past the station on its drop back down, and the attendants would have to push it back! The hydraulics used to hiss and bang, and by the time you were sitting in your seat, your were pretty scared. I always used to think the train would shoot off the top of the first incline, but this all made for the most scary ride I have ever been on.

My girlfriend went on it only once, and used to ask me not to as she was scared she would never see me again!!

a sad loss. (The ride or the girlfriend?)

(This review has been edited)

Submitted By: Tony Smith
11th March 2001

To date could this be Alton Towers biggest mistake?? -- I think so.....

For those of you who never had the chance of riding the ThunderLooper I sadly inform you that you don't know what you've missed.

OK, so it never had the intensity of Nemesis (1994) or the Oblivion (1998) BUT for a ride built in 1977 it had something special that no other attraction in the park has. From standing stationary at the platform to being shot to 60MPH in 2 seconds - Through a 360 degree loop up an incline, stop and do it all backwards before going up another incline then coming to rest at the platform again. It may sound silly but I'm sure Alton Towers must regret the decision to remove such a superb ride and I'm sure that with a little thought from the parks Powers that be they could have conjured up a solution that would have kept the ThunderLooper looping for years to come.

Submitted By: John Livesey
8th February 2001

Thunderlooper has got to be one of Alton Towers' most sorely missed rides. Who can forget the tenacity of the launch, the high G-force loop and the all round fun that this ride had to offer?

When Nemesis arrived Thunderlooper was often overlooked. Nemesis offered riders a new perspective by allowing rider's legs to dangle free. Thunderlooper looked boring to the untrained eye. How wrong can you be?

The launch to 60mph in seconds always took my breath away. By the time I'd managed to breathe again the train had done the 4.5G loop and had started to climb the first incline. After a moments respite at the top of the slope the car would start building up speed as it dropped like a stone towards the loop again. Remember that you were travelling backwards now! After the loop you'd hurtle through the loading platform before hitting the second incline at the reverse end of the track. The car would climb nearly to the top, those in the back seat would be afforded spectacular views of the surrounding area, before dropping back down into the station and the sudden stop. Fantastic!

Old Thundy was (and still is) one of my favourite rides ever to appear at Alton Towers. I've ridden Montezooma's Revenge at Knotts, which is similar, and it brought home to me how much I really missed the ride...

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