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Conditions of Content Usage

The following information is important to people wishing to use content from Alton Towers Almanac.

We are a non-commercial site, and therefore have no competition. We are happy to support other web sites.

The Internet being what it is, we cannot stop people from copying our content, but everyone should be aware that existing copyright law protects all content.

There are now several web sites using images provided by Alton Towers Almanac. We have know released a collection of images that you can simply download from us, and use as you wish (subject to the terms and conditions included with the images).

If you do decide to download these images, you will need to supply us with your name, email address and web site address you will be using the images on. If you cannot supply us with this information, then we cannot supply you with the password to decompress the images.

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If you wish to use something other than photographic images, then you must contact us before copying any content.

We look at each request on an individual basis, and you will receive our decision within 48 hours of your request.

No content should be used in any form without authorisation.

Should you receive our authorisation, the following conditions must be adhered to.

Text Content
It is unusual for other sites to use our textual content. Should you wish to do so, then the following statement must precede the content. The statement must link to our site.

Source: Alton Towers Almanac

Image Content
We do not usually allow other websites to use images taken directly from the website. We do have a large archive of images that can be used by other websites. See above. All images are branded with our website name and url. This must not be removed under any circumstances. We also request that if you have a links page, that you add a link to us. If not, then please add a link to our site on the pages using our images.

Video Content
All video footage must be treated as image content. If video footage is made available via streaming, then the footage must also be made available for download. All our video footage must be made available to download and keep.

Informing Us
If you receive our authorisation, please let us know when you have uploaded our content into your site. We keep a note of all authorised web sites, and what content they are using.

Help Us
There may be an occasion when you have content that we would like to use on our site. We hope you will look upon us favourably should you receive a request from us to use some of your content.


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