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Ugland started life as the Talbot Centre, a section of the park adjacent to the Towers themselves. In 1980, with the introduction of the Corkscrew, and a few other fairground style rides, its name was changed to Festival Park.

Over the years, many attractions found their way into Festival Park, only to be removed after a few seasons, or relocated to other areas of the park. No major development occurred in the area, apart from the addition of several food outlets, and a games arcade, until 1999, when the area was transformed into Ug Land - the land where fun began.

Now the whole area takes on a prehistoric look, with all the rides themed with dinosaur bones, and the shops were completely redesigned to fit in with the look. Indeed, the Corkscrew received its first themeing since installation with new cars, and station themeing.

2001 brings a Festival Park favourite home, with Bone Shaker a.k.a. Energizer making a repeat appearance from its previous home in X-Sector.

Panoramic View
Food Outlets Bronto Bites Takeaway - Hot Dogs, Do-Nuts, Drinks
Brunch Stop - unknown items
Sweet Rex - Drinks, Confectionary
Shopping None
Entertainment Cave Games : Pay-2-play arcade games
Soak-A-Saurus : Water-Balloon game for groups
Ug Mobiles : Radio-controlled models
Side Shows : Side shows where you can win a prize
Toilets Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities near Sky Ride station
Public Telephones Yes
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