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Forbidden Valley

In 1990, Thunder Looper was added into an isolated area of the park close to the car parks. Although advertised as being part of the AquaLand line-up, the ride was not accessible on foot, unless you fancied a long, tiring walk through the gardens. The only way was via the cable car system that ran from the bottom of Towers Street, or Festival Park.

When AquaLand was split into Merrie England, Katanga Canyon and Gloomy Wood in 1992, Thunder Looper got pride of place in a brand new themed area called Thunder Valley, complete with a new footpath that ran through Katanga Canyon and Gloomy Wood.

Thunder Valley stayed like this for the next couple of years, with the introduction of the New Beast into the area in 1992, and then in 1994 the extremely popular Nemesis rollercoaster. Thunder Valley was now fast becoming one of the most frequented areas of the park, and in 1994, the area received a name change. Then in 1997, with Thunder Looper now removed, the area got two new attractions, Blade, which was the old Pirate Ship from Fantasy World, and Ripsaw, a brand new Top Spin ride.

Now, its 2002, and a major new rollercoaster has been built in Forbidden Valley.

Assume The Position!

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Food Outlets McDonalds Takeaway - Extra Value Meals, Fries, Drinks
Nemesis Nosh - Demon Dogs, Hot & Cold Drinks
Shopping Nemesis Themed Shop - All your Nemesis merchandise
Nemesis Photo Booth
Entertainment The Edge Interactive Games - pay-2-play arcade games
Ripsaw Relics - pay-2-play arcade games
Toilets Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities at Sky Ride Station
Public Telephones Yes
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