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eXclusive Ride Time gives you the chance to get on Nemesis & Air before the park opens to everyone else...sounds good? read on to find out how to use it...

what is XRT?

XRT, or eXclusive Ride Time allows you to ride Nemesis & Air for half an hour before the park opens to other guests. XRT ticket holders will be let into the park just before 9am, at this time they will be able to start riding Nemesis & Air with relatively short queues before non-XRT guests are let into the park at 9.30am.

Typically during XRT you'll find Nemesis has no, or near-to no queue and you'll be able to get on virtually straight away. Air, being the newer attraction, tends to attract a slightly larger queue.


how do i get XRT?

If you hold an annual pass or are staying at either the Alton Towers Hotel or Splash Landings Hotel then you are automatically entitled to XRT. Simply enter through the turnstiles with your annual pass or if you're stopping in the hotels, via the hotel's dedicated park entrance.

If you're not stopping in the hotels and don't have an annual pass then don't worry, you can still get XRT and at no extra cost. All you need to do is pre-book your tickets (ensuring you get full price ones which include XRT, not discounted ones with entry from 9.30am). You'll find information on how to pre-book tickets elsewhere in the need2know section of towers almanac.