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Pre-booking your tickets not only saves you queuing to buy your tickets but also gives you a whole host of other benefits...

benefits of pre-booking

If you pre-book your tickets then you'll be able to go straight through the turnstiles when you arrive at the park and head straight for the rides - this could save potentially long queues of 30 mins or more at the admission kiosks meaning you get more time on the rides.

If you pre-book then you can either save yourself a few pounds or pay the full price and take advantage of benefits such as...

  • eXclusive Ride Time
  • pre-booked Fastrack time slots
  • reserved seats for the Tweenies Show

please note: pre-booking tickets no longer entitles you to free parking, you must still pay the £3 charge.

how do i pre-book my tickets?

There is 2 ways to pre-book your tickets. You can either do so online at the alton towers online booking site or alternatively over the phone on the advance booking line, 0870 444 4455.