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Welcome to Alton Towers Almanac new links directory. We are still in the early stages of implementation, but we would appreciate it if people who used to have links on the old pages added their link into the new database if it hasn't been already. If you do add a link to your site, please remember that we will check for a reciprocal link on your site. If one doesn't exist, then sorry, but we cannot add your site to the directory.
Coaster Related (10)
Sites dedicated to general rollercoaster information
Official Theme Park Sites (7)
The official sites of theme parks.
Other Recommended Sites (4)
Sites that may have nothing to do with theme parks, rollercoasters or thrill rides.
Rollercoaster Tycoon (1)
Sites dedicated to Chris Sawyers popular PC title - Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Thrill Ride Based (3)
Sites dedicated to other theme park rides.
Unofficial Park Guides (34)
Park Guides provided by park enthusiasts, but not officially recognised by the parks.

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