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Rita : Rita Specifications

Several things about the new coaster have already been confirmed by Alton Towers or other sources.

Manufacturer Intamin AG
Location Ug Land, Alton Towers
Opening Date Friday, April 1st 2005
Coaster Type Launched Coaster
Cost £8.4 million
Launch Speed 0-98.3km/h (61mph) in 2.3 seconds
Launch G Force 1.5 G
Average Speed 60km/h (37mph)
Riding Position Sit down
Seating Arrangement 2 trains, 5 cars per train, 2 row per car, 2 seats per row
Restraint Type Over the shoulder restraints
Theme Racing
Height Restrictions 1.4 metres
Maximum G Force 4.7 G
Minimum G Force -0.7 G
Track Length 2,122ft (647m)
Track Height 59ft (18.4m)
Average Track Height 23ft (7m)
Groundwork Began September 2004
Supports Supports arrived on site December 2004
Track Track arrived on site December 2004
Trains Trains arrived on site February 2005
First Test Run 10th March 2005, 6:30pm
First Test With Riders 23rd March 2005, 12:00pm

The following are current rumours that are circulating, and are NOT confirmed:

  • Radio 1 will be doing some sort of coverage on Rita, possibly similar to the "On Air" event that was done when Air was launched, or it may just be a pre-recorded item.
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