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Maps & Guides

Here we will be attempting to bring you park maps and guides from years gone by. If you have a park map or guide book that we are missing, then please email us.

Please remember that these maps and guides may take considerable times to display, depending upon your modem connection.

2002 Map

New Adventureland
New Show On Ice

2001 Map Cover

2001 Map

New for 2001 - Submission

2000 Map Cover

2000 Map

Hex - The Legend of the Towers
The Cred Street Carousel
Barney the Dinosaur

1999 Map Cover

1999 Map

Ug Land
Frog Hopper
Riverbank Eye Spy

1998 Map Cover

1998 Map


1997 Map Cover

1997 Map

Nickelodeon: Outta Control

1996 Map Cover

1996 Map

Hotel, and Storybook Land

1995 Map Cover 1995 Map 1994 Map Cover

1994 Map

Toyland Tours

1993 Guide Cover 1993 Complete Park Guide

1992 Map

Major investment from Tussauds see's the opening of Katanga Canyon and Gloomy Wood, and the rides held there, Runaway Minetrain and Haunted House.

1991 Map Cover 1991 Map 1989 Map

1989 Souvenir Guide

The complete souvenir guide from 1989.

1988 Guide Cover

1988 Diamond Jubilee Guide

The long gone coasters Alton Beast and Alton Mouse were both new for 1988

1986 Map Cover

1986 Map 1 - The map issued at the start of the season
1986 Map 2 - A map issued later in 1986

One of Alton Towers biggest years of investment, with Towers Street, the Grand Canyon Rapids, Kiddies Kingdom and loads more new attractions.

1983 Map Cover

1983 Map

Way back when the Vintage Cars, Circus, and the Mini Dragon were new......

1981 Map Cover

1981 Map

New for 1981: Log Flume

Thanks to Robert Krzyszowski, Brian Jones, James Hickey, Tim Isaacs and Rob Parker for helping to make this feature possible
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