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Construction News

The latest updates on construction around the park.

All updates are from Saturday 25th May 2002,

Webmaster : An Adventure on Ice

Another new attraction for the 2002 season is the new ice show. 2001 was the last season for the 'Peter Rabbit & Friends on Ice' show and the tent in which this was housed has now been pulled down. The new show will be starting on June 1st, entitled 'Webmaster : An Adventure on Ice'

The modern day story will use stunning illusions, spectacular effects and atmospheric music to immerse guests, telling them the adventure of a boy travelling the information superhighway.

The new venue has an improved has an improved seating configuration with all the seating located in front of the 25m x 18m ice rink (approx.) The new big top will accomodate 700 guests in two seperate seating banks and also features improved wheelchair access.

A large sign is being displayed on the treehouse in Storybook Land. The official show logo can be seen at the top.
A banner has been placed across the pushchair, etc. storage area, it contains the same information as the other sign. The A4 signs visible on each side state "Opening 1st June".
A view of the treehouse in Storybook Land. The incomplete section will form an entrance to the open plan shop and provide access to the actual show area.
A closeup of what will become the entrance to the shop. As you can see there is still a fair bit of work to be done. Note the green/black walls on the left of the photo.
This entrance route hasn't changed much since the 'Peter Rabbit & Friends on Ice' show. This may also be used as the entrance to Webmaster if the shop area is too busy.
A view of the side of the new tent. You can't see much from this shot but on a previous visit 3 weeks ago the sides hadn't yet been fitted. A large amount of lighting equipment was installed on the rigs at this point, apparently the show makes use of some rather snazzy special effects.
A final shot of the top of the new tent. In just a few days it will be filled with the first guests.

AIR Ride Area

Work is continuing around the air ride area. The vegetation in the area is growing, taking away the muddy, 'un-finished' feel from the area. Grass is beginning to grow through on the land under the final helix.

Wooden fences are being erected around the lift area, which gives the area a more natural feel and helps prevent wandering guests.
Tables and seating have been added around the multi-level paved area by the first drop. The purpose of this area is now clear. Some tables are under the silver/purple shelter at the back.
A closeup of one of the tables and some of the seating in this area. There is a continuation of the Cadbury's Heroes sponsorship with the logo emblazoned accross the table top and both the tables and seats being similarly shaped to the Heroes containers.

New Nemesis Nosh Outlet

A new Nemesis Nosh outlet was added for the 2002 season. There is a covered seating area on one side of the building. The Nemesis Nosh bus is still open.

A view of one side of the Nemesis Nosh outlet. The post-apocalyptic theming of Forbidden Valley has been carried through. The opposite side is identical and is where the covered seating area is located.
A view of the seating area and counter on the opposite side of the Nemesis Nosh outlet. The heating/lighting unit in the top left has recently been installed, this parasol is currently the only one with one installed.



We are not aware of any further construction in the park.

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