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Here is our trophy cabinet of awards. Thank you to everyone who has nominated and supported us.

International Association of Web
Masters & Designers
Awarded 6th December 2001
Awarded by the International Asscociation of Web Masters and Designers.

The Thorpe Park
Awarded 7th July 2001
After reviewing Alton Towers Almanac, we have decided to give you the 5*Award. The whole team feels Towers Almanac is the best un-official Alton Towers site on the net. It has a simple, but effective navigation system, so you
know exactly where you are going, and gives you everything you need to know about Alton Towers.

Well done!

Uninu Award
Awarded 1st July 2001
Voted by you theme park enthusiasts over a period of a few weeks, we got through to the final with two other fantastic sites. We won the final with 43% of the vote.

Towers of Alton Award
Awarded 27th May 2001

Our third award from Towers of Alton is for Best Alton Towers Site.

Thanks to Sam, and whoever nominated us.

Towers of Alton Award
Awarded 27th May 2001

Another award from Towers of Alton, this time for Most Fun Alton Site.

A big thankyou to Sam and all his visitors.

Towers of Alton Award
Awarded 11th April 2001
Sam Kirsop has awarded us with his Platinum award, after someone nominated us for one of his awards.

James Alton Towers Guide Award
Awarded 28th March 2001
"Very good website. Very easy to use and set is set out so you can just click on something and your there."

James Hickey
James' Alton Towers Guide

Coaster Kingdom Gold Award
Awarded 4th February 2001
External Image

"The new look seems to stretch further than aesthetics - the site appears to be an in depth guide to Alton Towers, both to the visiting veteran or to someone planning their first visit."

Marcus Sheen - Coaster Kingdom

G & K Rollercoaster Directory 2 Star Award
Awarded 4th December 2000
External Image

Coaster Kingdom Bronze Award
Awarded 4th June 2000
External Image
"It seems that your site is an invaluable guide to the park, both for coaster enthusiasts, and even perhaps for "normal" people who have an interest in the park."

Marcus Sheen - Coaster Kingdom
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